About Pathways


Pathways to Reading (PTR) is a Teacher Professional Development Training Program and reading curriculum for beginning readers in grades K-2 and struggling readers in upper grades. The reading curriculum is comprehensive including manuals, lesson plans, assessments, and small group and large group instruction strategies.

Simple View of Reading

The primary focus of PTR is to help teachers understand, and apply in the classroom, the five scientifically validated core components of the reading process. The five core components are:

The relationship of the five components is presented in the Simple View of Reading (Gough, Juel, & Griffith, 1992) – pictured above on the right.

Decoding (the ability to figure out words) and Comprehension (the ability to interact with the meaning of text) are skills necessary for independent reading. There are specific skills and tasks for each of the five components of the reading process that impact a student's ability to learn to read. In Pathways to Reading training each of the skills and tasks is presented along continuums of simple to complex.