The training goals of Pathways to Reading (PTR) are:

Pathways to Reading (PTR) training is for:

Training Opportunities

Listed below are levels of training and support available for teachers.

Year One Training view schedule

This training is designed to assist the teacher to understand phonemic awareness and phonics and their relationship to the development of reading and spelling preventively and remedially. Participants will learn about recent research findings and conclusions. They will learn how to assess and teach phonemic awareness and phonics and integrate the instruction with the other research based components of Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Participants learn how to differentiate and pace small group instruction as they provide tier one through tier three support in an RTI model.

  • Five days (Days do not need to be consecutive.)
  • $460.00 per participant
    • Fee includes: 1 teacher manual set, 1 sample small group folder and membership to PTR resource library
  • Groups of 25 or less travel expenses are additional.
  • Please Note: Teacher kits with manipulatives are not included in the training fee. They may be purchased from the PTR online store.
Year Two Training

This training is designed as a practicum with students. It can be provided anytime after year one training has been received. The instructor models with different ages of students in small group instructional settings. Practicum provides opportunities for teachers to administer and analyze assessments, teach the PTR instructional strategies to students, practice note taking, responding to student errors and pacing of instruction. Teachers receive modeling, guidance and feedback from the PTR consultant. Teachers further refine their integration of PTR instruction into their reading curriculum and various instructional settings. This is an excellent training to develop a core of in-district teacher training support. (PTR in-district trainer, Instructional Coaches, 'Go-to teacher' classrooms, etc.)

A MCREL Pathways to Reading study indicated that when teachers participate in the advanced PTR training (practicum) they have shown a significant increase in performance on the test of knowledge about teaching beginning reading and application of skills in the classroom (Research Links: Research Summary Report · Full Research Report).

  • Four to five days (Group sizes: minimum of 10, maximum of 25. Travel expenses are additional if required.)
  • $85.00 per day per participant.
On-Site Support

Onsite visits to schools are arranged with administrators. Onsite visits can answer questions, help administration and teachers integrate PTR instruction into their literacy programs, evaluate data and help to develop teacher skills and confidence through modeling and coaching. Aid in the identification and development of PTR in-district trainer/mentors.

  • $950 per day (Plus travel expenses for greater distances.)
Development of a PTR School or In-District Trainer

Identify with the assistance of the PTR consultant one or two staff to be PTR trainer/mentors for your setting. Mentors are given additional PTR training and materials to qualify them to provide school or district ongoing in-district PTR training and support.

  • Training and cost arranged.
Training Onsite
  • PTR training is held at your school or district with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 45 participants per training.
  • Contact us to schedule a local training. Depending on training schedules PTR may be able to make special arrangements for groups of less than 15 or to invite teachers from surrounding areas to form a minimum group size.
  • View our current onsite training schedule.

Teacher Support Materials

It is strongly recommended that teachers have PTR kits upon completion of training. The kits include durable magnetic manipulatives and materials for large and small group instruction. A complete list of support materials can be found in our online store.

In addition we provide some free resources for our customers to download and use.